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NewsFinder Curator Platform and News Engine

Our media monitoring finds the "News you need to know, when you need to know it" each day.

Discover what we have to offer

We find the news you need to know, when you need to know it. We want you to get to know us, so we're offering a free daily curated roundup of agribusiness news during February.

Validate your communication efforts

With global overnight news in your hands at the start of your day, your team is in control of events. You can decide what to prioritize, share stories internally with experts, pass success stories on to senior managers

Spot opportunities or threats early

Stories break round the clock, anywhere, and you may need to respond quickly. We can monitor what is being said about you anywhere, any time.

Multi-use, versatile technology

New uses for NewsFinder services are happening every day:

  • Daily monitoring of sensitive industry sector news
  • Tracking campaigner/NGO commentary on issues of concern
  • Identifying key influencers and their impact on a topic or issue
  • Monitoring key project success on Twitter
  • Measuring corporate reputation impact on Facebook
  • Assessing the impact of thought leadership pieces of LinkedIn Pulse
  • Aggregation of news on an event (e.g. from Olympics to Oscars)
  • Tracking coverage of an internationally-renowned global Photography Awards event
  • Finding news to feed an existing professional news portal (e.g. Lawyers firms)

Who will benefit from our future plans?

News Finder wants to drive down costs so everyone benefits. As we move beyond the Beta stage and launch more modules we will reach a stage where we can lower the costs of media monitoring.

Here is an idea of our future plans:

  • Find the news yourselves, don't wait for a news monitoring agency to send it
  • Create your own groups to send your hand-picked news to, internally or externally
  • Schedule your automated news searches, for a number of times per day
  • Save your news in personalized folders
  • Create your own newsletter template to share news
  • Share news via social media
  • Use our customised graphs to create mini-reports on your coverage
  • Use our customised services for the rest of the deep-dive data analysis you periodically need

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Key Aspects


We cut your costs and improve your efficiency


Our experts find the news you need in near real-time


As a boutique news monitoring and media analysis company, we create fresh, simple solutions


We track the influencers and experts who drive your news


We can discover connections between top journalists, commentators, academics, scientists, thought-leaders or politicians


Our services support your structured decision-making planning

Statistic Driven

Analyse topics and themes

Author listings

Monitor key journalists. See who they influence


Measure what topics are driving news

Tailored For Your Needs

NewsFinder Curator Platform gives you full management control over what you do with your valuable data

Client Oriented

Our system is enhanced using feedback from our clients. If there's something you think would be useful then just let us know and we'll start implementing.

Mobile responsive

We use the latest in technology to bring you a crisp user interface with an intuitive flow.

Newsletter creation

You can customize your own newsletters, choose from various themes and adjust individual style elements while effortlessly attaching your selected content.

The team

Steve Virgin is NewsFinder's Chief Editor. He personally oversees every account here ensuring a quality service throughout.


Frequently Asked Questions

If there's something you need to ask then don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form

How do I get started?

Have a look through our pricing structure here.

We also offer custom pricing schemes if you require a bespoke solution. Drop us a line and arrange for a trial period

Is there a free trial period?

Depending on your required solution we can offer free trial periods on many aspects of NewsFinder or associated services. Typically these can be from a fortnight up to a month, contact us now to find out more

What is the refund policy ?

If you have any concerns with one of our services then contact us immediately and we can arrange for a refund where appropriate

Where are you based?

NewsFinder is an International service, however our head office is in Bristol, UK

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