News from the Brexit Cliff Edge

By brexit_cliff_edge - 17th May 2019, 8:25 am

News from the Brexit Cliff Edge

Arron Banks has 'been only making plans for Nigel'

  • Millionaire Arron Banks spent £450,000 bankrolling Nigel Farage's lavish lifestyle, including the rent of an exclusive home in Chelsea, his furniture and fittings for the house - even a shower curtain. He paid for a car and security trained driver, leased a private office for Mr Farage. He's paid £13,000 a month in rent for the £4.4m 3-bedroomed house, provided a Land Rover Discovery worth £32,000 for Farage's use and £20,000 for a close protection driver

Led by Donkeys is back with a bang - they're writing Nigel Farage's Brexit Manifesto for him as he has not got one and fly-posting it around the UK

  • Led by Donkeys billboards include past statements made by Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party candidates. The latest feature comments he has made about breaking up the NHS and moving to an insurance-based system of healthcare and giving women less maternity pay

MPs will probe 'dark money' after the Brexit Party website's a fake members loophole is revealed

Tories Euro Election campaign has never been launched

  • There is no party manifesto. No speech by the leader. Barely any money is being spent on the campaign. Officials are struggling to find enough activists to stuff envelopes or knock on doors. The 'strategy' is putting in so little effort that it automatically gives the Conservatives an excuse for their likely worst showing in an election nationwide in at least a century. The party is resigned to losing half its MEPs and possible coming fifth

Labour's European Election tactics are failing spectacularly

LibDems leapfrog Labour as Tories trail in European polls

  • A new opinion poll for The Times places the Liberal Democrats (16%) in second place to the Brexit Party (35%) with Labour on (15%) and the Greens on (10%) with the Conservatives in fifth on (9%). Around 62% of people who voted Conservative at the 2017 General Election now say they are backing the Brexit Party. Only 1-in-5 Tory voters are staying with the party

It's the final countdown for Theresa May

  • Theresa May met the Conservative Party backbench 1922 Committee, who made their view that she should name her departure date now, as clear as possible. In a statement after the meeting, from chair Sir Graham Brady, it confirmed that after the next Brexit vote - in the first week of June, the PM will sit down with the party to plan the process to chose her successor. In short, if May loses the Brexit vote in the first week of June she will announce her resignation

Cross-party Brexit talks will end soon

  • Labour has been insisting on concessions from the government on guarantees for workers' rights and environmental standards - plus provisions to prevent a future Tory Party leader from tearing up any agreed deal - in return for its support. Tory whips believe a deal with Labour is not possible. The BBC reported that Conservative's will pack the proposed EU Brexit withdrawal draft legislation, bound for parliament in early June, with financial goodies designed to win over the votes of Brexiteers for the bill

Boris Johnson confirms he will stand for the leadership of the Tory Party

Other Political News


  • Jaguar Land Rover's CEO denied he has been in talks with Peugeot over a possible sale. Ralf Speth said he has not been in talks with Peugeot but declined to comment on whether owner Tata Motors may have been
  • CBI's director general, Carolyn Fairburn, told business leaders in London that paralysis in Westminster is continuing and that every day without any sort of deal with the EU is corrosive for business and is hurting the economy. Fairburn called the political mess caused by Brexit 'a crushing disaster' for business in Britain, with investor confidence at its lowest since the financial crash a decade ago