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All eyes on the 'Furious Fourteen': May faces cabinet resignations as she shuns 'clear majority' of ministers who backed No Deal and sets up Soft Brexit surrender talks with Jeremy Corbyn instead

Theresa May risked a Cabinet walkout last night by defying the wishes of 14 of her ministers, throwing an olive branch to Jeremy Corbyn and pivoting towards a soft Brexit. More than a dozen senior Tories including Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt and Liam Fox spoke out against a long delay to Brexit in a seven-hour ministerial marathon at Downing Street. But the Prime Minister went with the minority - a group of 10 ministers including Amber Rudd and Michael Gove who backed a further delay - in a move which enraged Brexiteers and could trigger a Cabinet walkout. Mrs May vowed to 'break the logjam' in Westminster by offering talks with Mr Corbyn - who favours a customs union - in a last-ditch bid to find a compromise, saying she would ask Brussels for more time to reach a deal.

Daily Mail - April 2, 2019

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