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Brexit: MPs unveil new plan to FORCE delay - as indicative votes set for round 3

MPs today unveiled a new plan to force Theresa May to delay Brexit after their 'indicative votes' were left in tatters. Labour's Yvette Cooper made the bombshell next move after the House of Commons voted down all four alternative options to the Prime Minister's deal. The result - which failed to approve soft Brexit by just 3 votes - meant Parliament was deadlocked despite two rounds of 'indicative voting' with MPs in control. So Ms Cooper has now shifted her focus to a dramatic bid to delay Brexit - in order to block No Deal. She and Tory Sir Oliver Letwin have published a cross-party Bill that would force the PM to delay the April 12 Brexit date to avoid No Deal. Usually it takes weeks, months or even years for a Bill to clear Parliament. Instead the MPs intend to force their Bill through ALL its stages in the Commons tomorrow - culminating in votes at 7pm (on the second reading) and 10pm (on the third reading).

Daily Mirror - April 2, 2019

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