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As Europe leads on remote worker rights, will others benefit?

In a major victory for better work-life balance, Portugal last month rolled out new regulations for the remote-work era, including granting workers the “right to disconnect” by forbidding firms from contacting employees outside of working hours except in cases of emergencies. But Portugal stopped short of granting workers the right to turn off their devices and ignore messages from their bosses outside of working hours – a rule Italy enacted earlier this year. Strides are also being made in France and Germany, where employers are required to have a valid reason for turning down employee requests to work from home. Trade unions and experts in the European Union and the United Kingdom welcome the momentum to advance the rights and wellbeing of remote workers, but they want the new rules to go even further. Experts say the explosion in remote work during the pandemic has laid bare how obsolete some labour laws have become.

AlJazeera - January 3, 2022

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