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Depression on the rise following coronavirus pandemic warns Warwickshire GP

Dr Alia Fahmy, from GP service Concierge Medical based in Warwick, fears the virus will spark a long-term mental health issue across the UK. Figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed that one in five adults in the UK have experienced some form of depression since the outbreak of coronavirus, almost double the figures for last year. Following the news, Dr Fahmy has issued urgent advice and guidance. She said: “People’s lives have been changed beyond recognition in the fight against coronavirus and, even if we find a vaccine soon, there will still be a long-term knock-on effect on the nation’s mental health. “There’s a significant social aspect to the pandemic because Covid-19 has caused such widespread fear and anxiety and left a lot of people afraid to go out and put themselves at risk.

Leamington Observer - September 3, 2020

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