"Connecting Communities for COVID19 News" 23rd Apr 2020

Isolation Tips
Facebook - Rainbow Trails Groups
All you have to do is create Rainbow pictures and stick them in your window for children to find on walks especially during this hard time of self isolation. You can be as creative as you like using pens, paints or anything you have to make one. Please share it would be great to get everyone involved including young and old
The Virtual Traveller : Galleries of Art
No one can travel at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't travel virtually. This week, we've complied a list of immersive virtual tours you can take in art galleries around the world. Warning: you can fall down a rabbit hole and lose hours of time doing this, which is the point; we all have time to kill during this pandemic. Plus viewing art virtually costs far less and is easier on the feet; no more museum fatigue.
17 Famous Art Museums You Can Visit from Your Living Room
Did you know that most major art museums around the world offer virtual tours and resources for free? Why not take your students on virtual museum tours to the lavish Louvre in Paris? Or the majestic Metropolitan Museum of Art? Or any one of these historic art museums from around the world? Check out the list below to get started!
Take A (Virtual) Tour Of The Tate's Blockbuster Andy Warhol Exhibition, With Its Curators
The galleries are shut, the museums are closed. But worry not, art fans. We've tapped some of the art world's leading curators, collectors and experts to talk us through the exhibitions none of us can attend in person. Here Gregor Muir, the director of Tate's International Collection, and Fiontán Moran, assistant curator at Tate Modern, talk us through the gallery's blockbuster Andy Warhol show.
Around the world in 30 minutes: KAYAK launches virtual getaways for stay-at-home escapism
With travel plans on hold and social distancing in full force, would-be adventurers and travellers across the globe can only dream of their next getaway. To help keep the dream alive, KAYAK is launching its virtual travel hub featuring a selection of curated city guides so globetrotters can #TravelFromHome. Whether eager explorers need a 10-minute escape from #WFH life or to view a screen that isn’t hosting another conference call, KAYAK’s series of curated virtual city guides will provide some light relief to those suffering from cabin fever and offer a chance to be submerged in new surroundings.
Live-streamed safaris, sunsets and 'virtual small group tours' bring travel to stay-at-homers
G Adventures' first virtual small group tour "departs" at 5pm GMT. The destination is Italy, where local guide Stefano Paris will take 16 Zoom video callers through Venice, Tuscany and a football match in the space of an hour. The "travellers" will receive food/drink pairing recommendations in advance, “meet” other participants in a live Zoom room, and can interact with their guide in real time.
A 24-hour tour of Paris: experience the City of Light from home
Paris, also known as the City of Light, was at the forefront of the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century — not only because of its “enlightened” artists, poets, and philosophers, but also because it was one of the first European cities to illuminate its streets at night. If you’re looking to add some Parisian light to your life right about now, you’re in luck. With a little help from the internet, there’s no reason you can’t virtually experience the best food, museums, artwork, architecture, and entertainment that Paris has to offer, right from the comfort of your sofa. Here’s how to plan your perfect digital day.
Hygiene Helpers
Asda and Aldi introduce 'no touch' policy in supermarkets to help prevent the spread of coronavirus
Two of the UK’s biggest supermarkets have introduced a new “no touch” policy to help curb the spread of coronavirus. From queueing outside to keeping two-metres apart from other customers while shopping, we have all become accustomed to the new rules put in place by supermarkets to ensure we can stay as safe as possible while buying groceries. But now Asda and Aldi have taken things one step further with the introduction of new policies that asks customers to avoid touching items they do not intend on purchasing or using.
Community Activities
Morrisons food parcels helping vulnerable and isolated people in Retford
A large number of food parcels are being sent out to emergency food centres after North Notts BID teamed up with Morrisons to support local people in need. The Bassetlaw Community Volunteer Service and Bassetlaw District Council will be coordinating the distribution of the supplies to those in need. In March, it was revealed that the organisation had teamed up with the retailer Wilko to give a large number of donations to food banks, animals rescue centres, schools and nurseries.
State of the Art: Street artist raises more than £8,000 for NHS with Banksy-style Rainbow Boy murals
A street artist has raised over £8,000 for the NHS by producing Banksy-like murals of a boy watering a rainbow on scores of buildings in south London. Chris Shea, who also goes by State of the Art, has been charging pubs, cafes and homeowners £50 a time to have the Rainbow Boy piece of street art painted on to their properties. He has also created T-shirts featuring the emblem. Mr Shea is raising money for St Christopher’s Hospice in Croydon. He is also donating some of the cash to producers of personal protective equipment for medical staff as the fight against Covid-19 continues.
Vulnerable to get direct line to NHS volunteer army during coronavirus
MILLIONS of vulnerable people and their families will be able to directly call on the army of NHS Volunteer Responders, the NHS and Royal Voluntary Service have announced today.
Working Remotely
How different generations approach remote work during COVID-19
TechRepublic writers discuss the challenges surrounding remote work and how to make remote work easier during the coronavirus quarantine.
Coronavirus: Can working remotely be sustained after lockdown?
When President Muhammadu Buhari on March 29, ordered lockdown of activities in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun states, to check the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), it was imperative that workers of many organisations, public and private would work remotely. Even before the lockdown ordered by Buhari, many states had done the same in order to check the spread of the COVID-19. Mr Jide Awe, the Managing Director, Jidaw Systems and an Information Communication Technology expert, said that remote working is universally embraced because of its flexibility.
Survey says people are happy working remotely, but worried about finances
A new survey from the National Recruitment Federation looked at how people in Ireland are experiencing working from home. As physical distancing measures continue in Ireland, a new survey from the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) found that, out of 512 respondents, many are feeling happier while working from home but are also concerned about their finances.
Legal's Biggest Challenge With Remote Work Isn't Tech. It's Mental Health | Legaltech News
A new survey conducted by Loeb Leadership found that from an IT stance, the sudden move to working remotely has gone relatively smoothly for many lawyers. But it's also created new stresses and demands for soft skills crucial to operating virtually.
Virtual Classrooms
Coronavirus: Stars take part in BBC lockdown learning scheme
Sir David Attenborough, Danny Dyer and Jodie Whittaker are among the celebrity supply teachers who will be helping the BBC educate the nation's schoolchildren during the coronavirus lockdown. Footballer Sergio Aguero, Ed Balls and Professor Brian Cox are also involved in the virtual learning initiative. Launched on the day children were due to return to school, the scheme offers 14 weeks of curriculum-based learning. The programme is the biggest education offering in the BBC's history.
The world’s your classroom: 10 fun ways to home school
Running out of home schooling ideas? Take the kids on a virtual voyage with these interactive learning tools, from safaris to cooking lessons with an Italian chef
Public Policies
Germany opens some shops as Merkel warns of second wave of coronavirus
Several European countries took preliminary steps on Monday towards a return to normal pre-virus life, with some shops reopening in Germany and a resumption of school for pupils slotted to take place next month. Bookshops, florists, fashion stores, bike and car outlets and other shops smaller than 800 sq m were permitted to reopen on Monday morning. In Berlin a few schools allowed final-year students to sit exams. Pupils arrived wearing face-masks and took their seats at widely spaced desks.
Denmark’s Gold Standard Response
James Melville reports on Denmark’s effective response to COVID-19 — mass testing, an early lockdown, and no bailouts for companies in tax havens.
From the end of the lockdown in early May, the central part of Brussels - the entire perimeter of the City located inside the 'Little central Belt' - will become a largely pedestrian priority area.
From the end of the lockdown in early May, the central part of Brussels - the entire perimeter of the City located inside the 'Little central Belt' - will become a largely pedestrian priority area. Consequently, pedestrians and cyclists will have priority and will be able to circulate on the roadways, and will no longer only have to be on the sidewalks or cycle paths. The circulation of motor vehicles is authorized, but only at a maximum speed of 20 kilometers/hour. The same rule applies to trams and buses.
Coronavirus: Government employs 1 million people in a day
Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, said that employers would receive grants within six days to pay staff who had been furloughed, as the government opened its coronavirus job retention scheme. Experts believe the unprecedented intervention will eventually cost the government more than £40 billion and that 8.3 million people could apply.
UK will need social distancing until at least end of year, says Whitty
Social distancing will be needed until at least the end of the year to prevent fresh outbreaks of coronavirus even though the UK has reached the peak of the current epidemic, the government’s chief medical officer has said. Prof Chris Whitty, the UK’s most senior medic, said it was important to be realistic that “highly disruptive” social distancing would need to be in place for “really quite a long period of time”. He said there was only an “incredibly small” chance of a vaccine or treatments being ready for use this year, and social distancing would have to stay in place to suppress outbreaks until then.
Maintaining Services
Emirates becomes the first airline to conduct on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for passengers.
Emirates becomes the first airline to conduct on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for passengers. The 10-minute tests are conducted by @DHA_Dubai at @DXB Terminal 3 for travellers to countries requiring COVID-19 test certificates.
Healthcare Innovations
National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan
Our National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan lays out the precise steps necessary to enact robust testing, tracing, and coordination to more safely reopen our economy – starting with a dramatic expansion of testing from 1 million tests per week to initially 3 million per week and then 30 million per week, backed by an Emergency Network for Covid-19 Testing to coordinate and underwrite the testing market, a public-private testing technology accelerator, and a national initiative to rapidly expand and optimize the use of U.S., university, and local lab capacity.
Researchers develop new guidance for the remote delivery of psychological therapy to children
The guidance, created with collaborators at the American University of Beirut, Médecins du Monde and Johns Hopkins University, draws on the researchers’ experience adapting an existing psychological treatment to phone delivery for Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon as part of an ongoing clinical research study.
How flying economy could change after coronavirus - including hygiene screens and backward seats
New airplane designs show ways in which passengers could help limit the spread of illnesses using hygiene screens and backwards facing seats. The ideas were revealed by aircraft cabin designers Aviointeriors, the company which previously created stand-up seats. If the plans were implemented, in economy class each seat would have a screen around the head and side which would stop unnecessary contact with the passengers sitting beside them
COVID-19 Vaccine Study - What is the purpose of this trial?
This study will enable us to assess if healthy people can be protected from COVID-19 with this new vaccine called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. It will also give us valuable information on safety aspects of the vaccine and its ability to generate good immune responses against the virus. We will do this by randomly allocating participants to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or a control injection in addition to doing blood tests and collecting information about any symptoms that occur after vaccination.