"Connecting Communities for COVID19 News" 29th Apr 2020

Isolation Tips
Parenting expert reveals tips on how to make isolation easier for your children
A parenting expert has revealed a list of tips to help little ones feel better during lockdown..While self isolation is hard on most people, it can be even more difficult for young children who don’t understand why their lives have changed. Luckily, Tiffany, founder of The Mummy Concierge and expert at The Baby Show, has come up with some handy tips to help parents make lockdown as easy as possible for their little ones.
Advice for people with dementia and carers in lockdown issued
New guidance has been published to support people with dementia and their carers facing isolation and reduced services as a result of COVID-19. The leaflet features five simple tips, developed using the latest research and with the input of people affected by dementia and be distributed across Greater Manchester via the Adult Social Care team and Dementia United. It is part-funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), in a project led by the University of Exeter and the NIHR Older People and Frailty Policy Research Unit
Is isolation turning your pooch into one big furball? This vet has tips for home grooming
Smith thinks her dog looks OK after the grooming session, but admits "we're not going to start a grooming business any time soon." "Hopefully [he] won't feel too embarrassed when he goes out and about," she joked.
Isolation in Antarctica: One Woman's Story
The important part is putting thoughts into words, no matter how inarticulate or banal—the point is expression. “You don’t need to think about your audience because who is your audience if not yourself.” “Routine was key.” Setting and maintaining a daily structure encourages a state of acceptance. If we’re constantly having to make choices there’s too much room to feel we’re making the wrong ones—with routine the next step is always clear. Leaving room for second guessing is all too risky when that routine involves an hour long ordeal of washing with ice.
8 tips that will help you have the perfect virtual date during self-isolation
Virtual dating has now become the new normal, with video calls serving as a stand-in for the usual dinner-and-drinks routine. Looking to recreate the magic of meeting someone while staying at home? The experts are here to help. We got Priti Joshi, vice president of strategy at Bumble, and Shahzeen Shivdasani, author of Love, Lust and Lemons, to share their tips on making an unforgettable first impression virtually.
Hygiene Helpers
How can washing hands protect people from coronavirus and COVID-19
Basic services including clean water, proper toilets, and a place to wash your hands are more important than ever in the struggle against COVID-19
Community Activities
Coronavirus in Ireland: call to test Roma and Traveller communities
Martin Collins, co-director of the Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, said that limited access to basic facilities such as toilets and running water limited the possibilities for Roma to maintain good hygiene during an infection outbreak. “Travellers and Roma, due to high levels of chronic illness and poor living conditions, including severe overcrowding, are included as priority groups in Covid-19 testing that is currently ongoing,” he said. He commended the work carried out the by HSE so far with the communities to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 among Roma in Ireland. Mr Collins said he was pleased that both groups were included as priority groups for Covid-19 testing.
Bvlgari to donate 160,000 units of hand sanitiser to the NHS in May
Bvlgari's efforts have arrived on British shores, as the brand announces it will donate over 160,000 units of medical-grade hand sanitising gel to the NHS at the beginning of May. The gel will conveniently be housed in 75ml recyclable bottles, meaning they're sustainable and also compact enough to be carried around in healthcare workers' pockets.
Charity working in Rochdale asks for just £1.50 to protect homeless from Coronavirus
Local charity Homeless-Friendly is working to provide protective kits to homeless people during the Covid-19 crisis. The charity says it is a race against time to create the kits for rough sleepers, who already have an average life expectancy of just 45. Packed full of hand sanitisers, masks, tissues and plasters, the life-saving hygiene equipment is being collated by the charity, which was initially set up to ensure those of no fixed abode were able to see a GP. In order to reach their first batch of intended patients, the charity needs to raise some cash – and donations are a small price to pay to save lives, says founder Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, a GP at a Rochdale surgery.
End price gouging: Which? launches report tool to combat coronavirus profiteering
Which? has launched a free tool that anyone can use to report instances of price gouging and profiteering, after we uncovered a spate of price gouging on online marketplaces Amason and eBay. With evidence of similar activity taking place on a wider scale and vulnerable people feeling pressurised into overpaying online, action needs to be taken. Reports provided by the tool will be vital in helping Which?, online marketplaces, and the UK government identify the size and scale of the issue.
Working Remotely
Remote working: How to keep your team happy in lockdown
With new technologies and adjustments to a more virtual workplace, they can also look at how they can flex their communication style to accommodate different people, balancing email, phone and video to include as many options and preferences as possible. More broadly, as businesses review priorities, leaders must make sure they don’t lose sight of the diversity and inclusion agenda. Not only is creating a culture of belonging embedded in D&I policies, seeing tangible action and movement towards diversity goals is critical to showing your people that you have a genuine commitment to inclusion and equal opportunity in the workplace.
5 Tips to Maintain Great Team Communication While Working Remotely
Many employees find it hard to adjust to a work-from-home setting when they’ve spent years working in an office. Fortunately, there are VoIP phone handsets and other systems in the UK and everywhere else in the world to maintain communication between employees even while working remotely. However, having the technology is not enough. How can you, as a manager, help maintain effective communication within your team while working remotely?
Remote teams: How to build a culture of accountability
As remote work becomes the new normal, some leaders are struggling to manage their teams. It boils down to trust and accountability: Consider this advice on communication, tools, and success metrics
Almost 40% of Russians believe that working remotely is more effective, study says
"More than half (58%) said that office work was more efficient. Over a third (38%) of those polled said they could work productively from home," the study said. According to a survey conducted in April among almost 6,000 Russians over 16 years of age, the vast majority of office workers (80%) are sure of the need to work remotely. More than half of the respondents (55%) after the outbreak of a pandemic received advice from management to work from home. Many did so: 84% of respondents confirmed that they switched to working from home.
How to Adjust to Working Remotely
According to a study from Global Workplace Analytics, 95% of employers found that allowing telecommuting increased employee retention rates. Many employers argue that the work from home structure is effective, streamlined and supportive. It allows for more flexibility with how they juggle their personal lives and professional careers. If you’re new to the remote life, you may have a few questions on tips and tools you could use to help make your remote work environment more efficient. To help you adjust to working from your couch, we’re here to help. Here are some important things to consider.
Remote Working: How Do You Continue Bringing Your A-Game?
Working from home can be a big change if you haven't extensively done it before. But if you're mindful about your approach, you can be happy, productive and very successful.
Virtual Classrooms
Coronavirus: Somalia's COVID-19 response: a shift to online learning in Somali higher education
Somalia - Plasma University is keen to inform that while its corridors are empty, its internet bandwidth is quite the opposite. As with some other universities around the country and the world, Plasma University has shifted its classes to online learning – it was one of the first to do so in Somalia. The shift is a major change from a dozen years ago when such connectivity was impossible and conflict between militias made attending class a potentially lethal experience. “The good news is that students will continue their studies through the university’s virtual platforms,” Mr. Barre adds. “Since 2018, Plasma University has been gradually shifting to virtual learning – that’s why the students were able to continue their classes just two days after the restrictions were imposed.”
Virtual gardening classroom connects experts to growing audience
Ohio State University experts, unable to hold in-person gardening classes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, are using virtual classrooms and a high-tech approach to support local gardeners. The Franklin County Office of OSU Extension operates a virtual garden classroom to offer advice and answers as interest in gardening picks up. Timothy McDermott, extension educator in agriculture and natural resources, is leading the way. “I wanted to make sure that I continued to provide the service of assisting backyard growers, community gardeners, teacher educators or urban farmers with their production needs,” he said. “With the digital online format, I wanted to make sure that I could still provide that content.”
Spring Farm Sanctuary Now Offering Local Classrooms Free Virtual ‘Field Trips’
The animal sanctuary is offering local teachers and their classrooms a free 20-minute virtual visit. Students will get to meet animals and learn more about the work Spring Farm Sanctuary does to rehabilitate and protect them. “The general idea is just giving a classroom a 20-minute escape from their ‘new normal’ of virtual schooling,” said Robin Johnson, founder of Spring Farm Sanctuary. “They can take a field trip to see some beautiful animals and just enjoy a few minutes together.”
School staff make a virtual bear hunt
Seaton Academy staff made an online bear hunt and put it up on their Facebook page for children to enjoy. Each staff member filmed their own bear hunt from their houses and gardens and then the clips were edited together to make the fun film. The six-minute video, which can be seen on Seaton Academy’s Facebook page, is accompanied by a post which said staff were missing their busy classrooms and the happy children and the daily contact with them, their parents and carers, so they put together the video to share with the children. It added: “You all make our school the special place it is. Please share this video with the children and let’s go looking for bears.
AWS brings learning to millions in just one week
Governments in Israel and Jordan collaborated with Amazon Web Services and edtech companies to set up remote learning for school students in less than a week when the pandemic struck.
David Attenborough, Danny Dyer, and More: British Stars Help Teach Kids During COVID-19 Lockdown
Schools may be shut as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, but learning hasn’t stopped — and while parents attempt to home-school their kids, a host of experts and celebrities are stepping in to give them a helping hand. One of these is Sir David Attenborough, national treasure and nature documentary extraordinaire, who will be making use of his vast knowledge and expertise to deliver geography lessons through the BBC Bitesize learning channel.
Public Policies
Spain Is Leading the Way on Perpetual Bonds by George Soros
When the European Council’s virtual summit convenes on April 23 to address how the European Union should cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it should consider the Spanish government's submission carefully. Indeed, it should be the first item on the meeting’s agenda. The European Council is holding a virtual summit on April 23 to consider how the European Union should cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spain’s submission is by far the most thoroughly considered and innovative proposal that will be presented. It should be the first item on the meeting agenda.
Rubbish tips told they CAN reopen but schools to remain closed until June at the earliest
Rubbish tips will be told they CAN reopen but schools are set to remain closed until June at the earliest. Tips and recycling centres will be told they can and should be open as long as safe social distancing remains in place.
Coronavirus (COVID-19): public use of face coverings - Scottish government
For basic necessities, such as food and medicine. Trips must be as infrequent as possible. Daily exercise, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household. To ensure basic animal welfare needs are met, including taking dogs out when necessary. Any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home
How China is planning to stop a second wave of coronavirus
China is easing lockdowns as the number of new coronavirus cases dwindles. But it remains vigilant to stop a second wave of infections. New measures promote “civilized behaviour”. Social distancing and hygiene measures remain in force.
Coronavirus: Testing in NI is 'significantly ramped up'
Coronavirus testing has been significantly ramped up in Northern Ireland and community surveillance testing was now possible, the chief medical officer has said. Dr Michael McBride said testing people in GP practices would provide information on how "the virus is behaving on the ground". He said those admitted to hospital and care homes were also now being tested.
How New Zealand 'eliminated' Covid-19 after weeks of lockdown
After weeks of lockdown, New Zealand has achieved its ambitious goal of eliminating the coronavirus. But the country isn't celebrating yet. Over the past few days, newly diagnosed infections have been in the single digits. And on Monday, New Zealand reported just one new case. "That does give us confidence that we've achieved our goal of elimination, which never meant zero but it does mean we know where our cases are coming from," Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand's Director General of Health, said on Monday, adding that there was only one case since April 1 where authorities were still investigating the source of infection.
Coronavirus: State-by-state guide to Australia's easing of lockdown restrictions
Yahoo News Australia's Life After Lockdown series investigates what life will be like after coronavirus restrictions. Friday will mark the halfway point of a four-week period Scott Morrison outlined for reviewing Australia’s coronavirus restrictions. However as states and territories continue to record extremely low numbers of daily coronavirus cases – some with none at all – and edge tantalisingly closer to eradicating the virus, state and territory leaders are starting to ease restrictions in a bid to bring back some level of normality for residents.
on the map Remote Russian Region to Publish Coronavirus Patients' Addresses Online
A region in northern Russia will create an interactive map of confirmed coronavirus patients’ addresses for residents to avoid, its governor said Monday. Russian coronavirus patients have previously reported being targeted with online bullying, threats and intimidation as well as leaks of their personal data. “I issued instructions to make an online map of all detected cases of infection, right up to specifying street and house numbers,” Karelia’s governor Artur Parfenchikov wrote on social media.
Maintaining Services
Portugal holidays: Algarve tourism companies deemed ‘clean & safe’ from coronavirus
Travel officials in Portugal are hoping to reignite tourism in the Algarve with the implementation of new “clean and safe” stamps following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The Algarve Tourism Board, in partnership with Portugal Tourism Board (Turismo de Portugal), has introduced the badges as a way of ensuring the safety of workers and visitors.
Cleaners Decry Site's New Rules, Lamenting the Reality of Hygiene in Corona Era
Private accommodations along the Adriatic may have to ditch their usual post-checkout cleaning practices to continue using online booking services. Gloves may be worn and then tossed, hands washed repeatedly and disinfectant maniacally sprayed. The early days of tourism during the coronavirus era offers new, still-evolving protocols that may slice into profits even in the best of seasons. Hosts and cleaners along the Dalmatian coast suggest they might be shuttled into hibernation, or worse, close up shop.
How Hilton hotels will be cleaned after coronavirus
Hilton is boosting its cleaning protocols as travelers' expecations for hygiene have evolved amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, the hotel announced it is collaborating with Lysol maker RB and the Mayo Clinic to come up with a new set of guidelines. Putting a door seal on cleaned rooms and removing pens and paper are among the standards under consideration.
Airlines emphasise cleanliness and hygiene in fight against coronavirus
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published a list of guidelines airlines should follow to protect passengers and crew from contracting the illness. IATA’s guidelines, which are not mandatory for airlines to follow, cover a range of measures such as screening passengers for fevers, equipping cabin crew with surgical or medical protective masks, and routinely disinfecting aircraft. This is what you should be looking for from your airline…
Ford to reopen European plants with increased coronavirus safety protocols
Ford said it expects to begin reopening its European plants on Monday. The factories, which have been down since mid-March, will reopen with new global safety protocols to limit the spread of Covid-19. Such safety measures are expected to provide a potential template for reopening Ford’s U.S. operations.
Big retailers in Australia move to enhanced 'click and collect' shopping as coronavirus shutdown endures
Retail giants are set to rely more heavily on click and collect sales even as lockdown restrictions are eased, with the sector’s peak body cautioning against a rush to fully reopen bricks and mortar stores. Paul Zahra, Australian Retailers Association (ARA) CEO, believes the shift towards delivery and kerbside pickup will leave a “legacy” in Australians’ shopping habits, and said one “fundamentally positive” impact of the pandemic has been that retailers traditionally reluctant to move online have now come on board.
JetBlue to Require All Passengers to Wear Face Masks on Flights
JetBlue announces that it will require "All Passengers to Wear Face Masks on Flights"
Healthcare Innovations
Vaccine trials have begun: how do they work and when could we see results?
How do the vaccine trials work and when can we expect to see results? LBC puts these questions to Oxford Vaccine Group's leader Professor Andrew Pollard. Two volunteers have been vaccinated for Covid-19 and the Oxford Vaccine Group are currently working out logistics to enable vaccination for more volunteers, Professor Andrew Pollard told LBC. The vaccine task-force are confident to pursue this vaccine because in animals, the UK vaccine "induces good immune responses" and if encouraging responses are seen in animals "often that is the case in humans," he said.