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Top doc warns Western Australia is 'rolling dice' with lockdown

A top Western Australian doctor has warned that the state is 'rolling the dice' as South Australia heads into lockdown. The state head of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Andrew Miller said Western Australians should be told to buy a mask in preparation for a coronavirus outbreak. 'Just go and get one now, while you can, while there's time, while it's easy,' he said. 'If you never have to use it, that's a big bonus.'Dr Miller said there was a gaping hole in the security of Western Australia's quarantine system, with many people such as security guards both working on the front line of the outbreak and having a second job. 'It's just rolling the dice — we may as well be down as the casino putting it all on red,' he said.

9News.com.au - November 19, 2020

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