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Coronavirus: London appears to be faring better during second wave

London was the worst-hit part of the UK during the first wave of coronavirus but the second time around it appears to be faring rather better. Data released this week by the Office for National Statistics showed 952 deaths registered in London in the week ending November 6, the same number as would be predicted based on the average for the past five years. It was the only one of the nine regions of England used for official statistics not to register any excess deaths. By contrast, the 1,900 deaths registered in the northwest were 496 higher than average, a difference of 35 per cent. Wales’s 832 deaths were 207 above normal, a 33 per cent difference. Experts told The Times it was too early to tell exactly why London was doing better, but one theory is that it now has some level of herd immunity.

The Times - November 19, 2020

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