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COVID cases drop in Americas, but ‘glaring gaps’ in jabs: PAHO

While COVID-19 cases have been dropping overall in the Americas, the head of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has urged greater vaccine access to tackle infections and protect vulnerable health networks across the region. During a weekly news briefing on Wednesday, PAHO Director Carissa Etienne said coronavirus-related deaths in the Caribbean islands of Bahamas, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago doubled in the last week. Over the last week, PAHO said 1.2 million new coronavirus cases and 31,000 deaths were recorded in the region. “We’ve seen COVID infections drop throughout the region in the last month, offering some reprieve to our beleaguered health systems,” Etienne said. But she pointed out that intensive care unit occupancy rates in parts of Brazil and Colombia are at about 90 percent, “a sign that these communities are still at a high risk of not getting the care that they need”.

Al Jazeera English - May 20, 2021

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