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Covid anti-vaxxers are refusing to pay tax bills mistakenly thinking they are immune from prosecution

A number of Covid conspiracists have started abstaining from paying utility bills and their council tax in protest against the “tyranny” they claim to live under in the UK, according to messages posted to Telegram. Groups on the social media platform – where thousands of Covid anti-vaxxers congregate and organise protests – have started branching out from discussing conspiracy theories about coronavirus and the vaccine and have begun justifying the reasons for no longer paying their bills. Many have a misguided belief they will not face prosecution for cancelling their payments, thanks in part to disinformation spread by an influencer on the platform with a significant following who claims stopping the payment of council tax will put pressure on the Government to scrap the Coronavirus Act.

iNews - November 2, 2021

View the full story here: https://inews.co.uk/news/covid-anti-vaxxers-conspiracy-theorists-teach-how-avoid-paying-uk-council-tax-1258766