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UK virus hunting labs seek to bolster global variant network

The air conditioners hum constantly in the lab at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, countering the heat thrown off by rows of high-tech sequencing machines that work seven days a week analyzing the genetic material of COVID-19 cases from throughout the U.K. The laboratory is one example of how British scientists have industrialized the process of genomic sequencing during the pandemic, cutting the time and cost needed to generate a unique genetic fingerprint for each coronavirus case analyzed. That made the U.K. a world leader in COVID-19 sequencing, helping public health authorities track the spread of new variants, develop vaccines and decide when to impose lockdowns. But now researchers at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge and labs around the U.K. have a new mission: sharing what they’ve learned with other scientists because COVID-19 has no regard for national borders.

The Associated Press - January 13, 2022

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