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Ukraine’s World-Class Drug-Molecule Industry Imperiled by Russia Invasion

Article reports that Russian attacks are endangering Ukraine’s world-leading medicinal chemistry industry, which supplies scientists across the globe with molecular building blocks needed for early drug development. Ukraine’s dominance in medicinal chemistry is little known beyond drug developers, who fine-tune a drug’s molecular design to give it the best chance of hitting the desired biological target in the body. Kyiv-based Enamine Ltd. has become a go-to supplier for drug-discovery scientists at academic laboratories and the largest pharmaceutical companies. “It’s a bit like Amazon for chemistry,” said Ed Griffen, a U.K.-based medicinal chemist working with closely held Enamine on a low-cost Covid-19 antiviral pill.

The Wall Street Journal - March 20, 2022

View the full story here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraines-world-class-drug-molecule-industry-imperiled-by-russia-invasion-11647784800