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Leicester Faces Local Lockdown As Covid-19 Cases Under Scrutiny

Coronavirus testing data will be discussed at a Monday morning meeting between Leicester's mayor and UK Government officials amid suggestions a local lockdown could be imposed on the city. City Mayor Peter Soulsby and the council's Director of Public Health Ivan Browne will be present to examine the data behind a local surge in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks. Soulsby said the council was only provided with detailed testing information for the first time on Thursday in a week after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that there was a local outbreak in the city. It comes as restrictions are being eased elsewhere in the UK, with parks and shops with outdoor entrances able to reopen in Scotland, and schools in Wales welcoming more pupils. The Welsh Government said schools will operate with staggered starts and breaks for check in, catch up and prepare sessions starting on Monday.

London South East - June 29, 2020

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