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Coronavirus: Victoria can’t blame bad luck for coronavirus failures

Victoria’s chief medical officer said residents may be asked to wear face masks in light of the state’s surging coronavirus cases, contradicting earlier warnings that wearing personal protective equipment was unnecessary and potentially harmful. Brett Sutton told ABC’s Radio National on Monday that health authorities were preparing advice on whether Victorians should wear masks. “I take the perspective that when you are really trying to drive numbers down to maintain your test and trace capability, it needs to be considered,” Sutton said. “I have got a team working up some advice now and we will talk about masks in those types of settings for people to choose it and provide some guidance on the masks that work and how much protection you get.” The federal health minister, Greg Hunt, told ABC’s 7:30 on Monday night that states and territories can make decisions about whether wearing masks “could be encouraged or even mandatory” – confirming that “that’s one of the items that Victoria is looking at”.

The Guardian - June 29, 2020

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