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Putin tells Russia that the coronavirus is in retreat. Critics face crackdowns for saying it’s far from over.

Sometimes information slips out, telling a more dire story for Russians grappling with mixed messages: the Kremlin’s upbeat assessments versus statistics showing that Russia’s confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are still climbing. When infectious-disease doctor Victoria Adonyeva predicted in a newspaper interview that the nationwide vote would cause a spike in new cases, many readers applauded her honesty. Adonyeva, chief infectious-disease specialist of the Orlovskaya region, about 220 miles south of Moscow, also called into question the accuracy of Russia’s statistics on coronavirus deaths — now at 9,152 — in the interview with the Orlovsky Novosti newspaper. “The numbers are going up. There’s no plateau,” she said. “What kind of stabilization, what kind of lifting of restrictions can we talk about?” Her hospital and others in the city of Oryol had no free beds, she added.

Washington Post - June 29, 2020

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