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Coronavirus: South Korea sees ‘superspreader’ event after lockdown relaxed

it took just one unwitting party animal to wreck it all. The virus behind the global pandemic is highly contagious. A dramatic “superspreader” event in Seoul has reminded us of that. And it’s a warning of what lies ahead as Australia begins to relax its lockdown. Just days after reopening its 2100 nightclubs and bars, the capital of South Korea has ordered them to close once again. Almost 6000 venues in the surrounding province also are shuttered. At the weekend, the country’s health system reported the sudden appearance of more than 40 new coronavirus cases. It was the first time in a month the figure had spiked so high. Contact tracers immediately went to work. What had caused this disturbing turnaround? Turns out, it was mostly due to just one 29-year-old man. He was desperate to let his hair down after long weeks confined to his home. He went on an epic pub crawl to make up for the lost time. In the process, he infected at least a dozen fellow partygoers. Some 30 infections are linked to the five nightclubs he visited. A further 7200 people may have been exposed.

NEWS.com.au - May 12, 2020

View the full story here: https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/ominous-warning-for-world-governments-as-south-korea-hit-by-super-spreader-after-lockdowns-lifted/news-story/9f22fda0855c14721e5a46943cf751fc