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Australia’s coronavirus ‘dictator’ enforces a drastic lockdown. He’s still popular.

Detractors call him 'Dictator Dan.' Supporters declare, on social media, #IStandWithAndrews. To residents of Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, he is Daniel Andrews, the premier, or governor, of Victoria state and the politician responsible for inflicting upon them some of the most stringent pandemic control measures on Earth. The city named repeatedly over recent years as the “world’s most livable” has been locked down since July 9. A week ago, Andrews declared that a citywide curfew will not be lifted until Oct. 26 — and then only if the coronavirus is almost eliminated.

The Washington Post - September 15, 2020

View the full story here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/australia-coronavirus-melbourne-lockdown-daniel-andrews/2020/09/15/8440d9bc-f243-11ea-8025-5d3489768ac8_story.html