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Feeling in Germany is that war on virus is being won

Germany's top virologist, Christian Drosten, is back with his popular podcast after his summer holiday - essential listening wherever you are, although it's in the German language. He is causing quite a stir, calling for shorter quarantine periods and saying how wearing a mask can not only save your life, it can also reduce comments about halitosis, which is more commonly known as bad breath. 'With bad breath, these are aerosols. If two co-workers meet at a buffet without a mask, the other one notices the bad breath. But they don't notice if they are wearing a mask,' Prof Drosten said on the podcast. His good looks and irascible charm have made him a rock star in Germany. Not too many virologists can lay claim to that, although our own Dr Ronan Glynn has a swelling fanbase. Germany has had relatively low Covid-19 infection and death rates - 249,000 confirmed cases and 9,322 fatalities.

Irish Independent - September 15, 2020

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